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Michigan Association of Housing Officials
Spring Seminar Agenda
April 20, 2017


8:30 AM- Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM-Morning Session:

Topic: Electrical issues
Presenter: Scott Weaver

Scott Weaver has been involved in the electrical industry for roughly 35 yrs, he is a licensed electrical contractor and Master electrician. He has been an electrical inspector since 1999 and has worked with East Lansing as a contract inspector until 2007 when he was hired as an full time electrical inspector. He now serves the City of East Lansing as the Building Official. Scott also serves the City of Grand Ledge as a Electrical Inspector since 1999 and Building Official since 2010. Scott is also ICC certified in both residential and commercial as an electrical inspector since 2007.


Scott will be touching on the following IPMC topics and more:

Service wiring and drops.

Electrical hazards.

Proper electrical installation.

Proper grounding and bonding.

Switching and receptacles.

Fuses vs. circuit breakers.

IPMC requirements.


Scott is very flexible answering questions of your particular electrical problem.  Scott has a prepared slide show that should demonstrate various problems that are seen in the field by us rental property inspectors.

Noon- Lunch

1:00 pm- Afternoon Session:

Topic: Cross cultural training through MSU
Presenter: Joy Shantz and Xiaoyu Yin

Both Joy and Xiaoyu are MSU employees in the Office for International Students and Scholars.

Joy is the community outreach coordinator.

Xiaoyu is the communications coordinator. Xiaoyu promotes awareness and writes a newsletter for international students.


The training they will perform is to promote international understanding as to why we are performing rental inspections.  They will provide tips and skills to feel more confident in meeting (face to face) and working with international students.  The training will help with communications across cultural barriers.


They will bring in a few international students to this seminar in order for our MAHO group to ask any questions and to help with understanding as to why an inspection is important to them.


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