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Michigan Association of Housing Officials
Fall Seminar Agenda
October 19, 2017


8:30 am – Continental Breakfast

9:00 am – Morning Session:
Topic: Dealing with and Responding to Difficult Clients. Preparing yourself for dog encounters.
Presenter: Hector Hernandez, First Class Dog Training


Hector Hernandez is a speaker, dog trainer and author. His dog training and dog bite prevention methods, which have been practiced internationally, were developed and tested by him, in some incidents without wearing protective gear- using dogs labeled “aggressive.” Hector uses his experience of over 20 years in training all types of dogs, including police dogs. Additionally, he has trained all breeds of dogs, whether aggressive or not, which has made him extremely well-rounded in the field of dog bite prevention.

As a regular speaker for private and public companies, utility companies, the United States Postal Service, and police departments, Hector demonstrates how “reading the dogs body language” can teach his audience the difference between a harmless encounter and a potentially dangerous one, as well as how to react to both. His speaking style is entertaining, including humor to keep his audience engaged, yet serious and informative in teaching his techniques. Hector’s main objective is for his audience to think seriously about dog behavior and body language, as well as know how to stay safe in all potential encounters.

Due to Hector’s extensive experience, he is extremely knowledgeable on the topics of dog training and dog bite prevention, and has an uncanny ability to teach it to his audience. While there are other dog trainers who claim to have proven methods, Hector has been able to successfully prove over and over again that his methods work; not only is he able to truly connect with his audience, he can also truly connect with any dog. Having the ability to understand and teach the body language and behavior between human and dog. That is what could save dog and human life.


Noon – Lunch

1:00 pm – Afternoon Session:
Topic: Hazardous material.  Who you gonna call?

Presenter:  Wade O’Boyle, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Wade graduated from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, MI, with a BS in Chemistry and a minor in Biology.  Prior to graduating, Wade worked in agricultural settings, machining, and heat treating.  After graduation Wade worked in the powder coating industry and a personal care product manufacturing setting.   Wade has been with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for 13 years.   Prior to his current role, he worked in Drinking Water Laboratory and Community Water Supply Program.  Wade works in the Scrap Tire Program and is a hazardous waste inspector in the Office of Waste Management and Radiological Protection Division (WMRPD).

O’Boyle’s (616-260-7901) Waste presentation goals:

  • Rules basics, history, most important points
  • Basics of what and how much is regulated
  • What would be a trigger, or when to make a referral to the DEQ, local law enforcement, or emergency responders.
  • Examples of problems.



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