The Michigan Association of Housing Officials (MAHO) initiated a Certification Program in June of 2001. The purpose of this program is to encourage continued education and professionalism for all housing and code enforcement officers.

The certification program requires thirty (30) hours of education obtained through training seminars sponsored by MAHO. The first program term began in June 2001 and ended in June 1, 2004. Fifty one MAHO members successfully completed the MAHO certification requirements. Congratulations! The current Certification began June 1, 2016 and will conclude May 31, 2019

The MAHO Certification Committee tracks credit hours. MAHO members will be issued a registration number for tracking individual’s credit hours. Member numbers appear on membership cards issued after January 1st, 2002. Each training topic offered will be assigned a course number and this course number will be used as the tracking device.

Each hour of education shall equal one credit hour. Sign up sheets will be used for each class.

It is hoped this Certification program will increase professionalism, knowledge and credibility in the community and throughout the state.