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MAHO provides high quality educational opportunities at a reasonable cost for our members.

    Here you will find information on the seasonal seminars. Each quarter we have a training session. Click a season to find out what we've accomplished and what we are looking forward to.

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Lead Safe Work Practices



The certification program was initiated at our annual Higgins Lake conference in June. Credit hours were awarded to the participants of each class. Classes offered were Biological Indoor Air Contaminants (Facts and Fallacies), Fire Safety Demonstrations, Plumbing Inspection of Existing Residential Structures and Electrical Inspection of Existing Residential Structures. Participants signed in at each class and received a certificate after completing each class.

The Certification Committee is tracking credit hours earned by each member. Each member will be assigned a number to ensure accurate tracking. You will receive your individual certification number in a future mailing after registering.

Each hour of education equals one credit hour toward certification. Thirty hours of MAHO training within a three-year time span will provide you with certification. The first program term began June 2001 and ended June 2004. Certification credits were awarded for any seminar sponsored by MAHO.

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